Can You Go Without a Car?

Obviously, if you’re traveling by plane or something, you have to find alternatives that make sense. For example, you may need something like a car rental honolulu airport. But on a daily basis, could you go without your car? Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself before making any sort of decision.

Do I have to drive other people around? If you have a family, you may not be able to get rid of the car totally, but if your answers to the next questions are yes, you can definitely afford to use your car less than you currently do.

Do I have access to public transportation? In some areas, there is very little. Most of it is for the elderly community. If you live near a large urban area that has a bus or train system, then you may be able to use that for your morning commute instead.

Is carpooling a possibility? Friends are a great thing. So are co-workers. See if any of either group is willing to help you out; the amount of money you may chip in for gas can be a lot less than what you’re paying in a year.

Do I live in an area where I could utilize a moped or motorcycle? With no public transport and carpooling not necessarily being an option, you may be able to downgrade to something that takes a lot less of your budget than your car would. Insurance is a lot cheaper for you, too, so that’s always a bonus.

Do I live close enough to most places that I can walk? Do you live downtown or just outside of it? Consider walking more; and you’ll lose weight too! You kill two birds with one stone this way.